Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost 3 Already?

Wow!! I'm not sure where the time goes... but, it goes by soooo fast! 

Allie opening birthday presents from Uncle Kevin

We celebrated an early birthday party for Allie last week while her Granny and PawPaw were in town.  We also had other out of town visitors - Leah and Sheila. It was a wonderful gathering and Allie had several of her friends to celebrate. I'm sure we will do a play date or another fun gathering on or around her actual 3rd birthday, but for this year the big birthday party is over. We celebrated at a nearby indoor playground and everyone had a lot of fun.  One common thing I've heard is "what does Allie need?" Several have checked this site and caught me red handed at not updating it. So, I thought it best to update it for those that want a hint at what Allie is doing and needing these days. Of course, as most children - Allie really doesn't "need" for much. We do try to give her things that her therapists recommend so we can combine play with learning and when we see something she seems to gravitate toward, we - like all parents - want to give it to her. 

Some of things we do these days are pretend.  We have started using the "Loving Family" doll sets to help her in her speech and in following instructions. "The mommy is tired, what should she do?" "Sit in the chair?", etc.  It is fun and helps her learn to speak and think through things.  We are also about to start using more interactive toys like the LeapPad products or Fun2Learn things.  Anything that really helps her learn and keep up with everyone else is what we like to do. Of course, finding things that keep her interest or spark her interest are anyone's guess.  She still loves the tissue paper, bows and boxes more than anything. Baby Dolls are often close by and books and videos are fun for anyone!  Allie is learning to walk and we have a parking lot full of little bikes and push toys.  What can I say, Mom's a thrifty shopper and always looking for ways to help and encourage Allie to do what she is ready to do. 

As of very recently, Allie is starting to stand on her own and take a few steps!! Yes.. you heard me... I pray I'll find time to update the blog and upload some of our videos very soon.  She is so wonderful to watch! 

Thanks for inquiring about what Allie needs/wants. Please remember she really doesn't need much and we'd love to hear from you all - no gift is EVER needed. 

The Lovell Family