Sunday, November 13, 2011

Allie at nearly (gasp) 4!!

Hello! We often get asked about gift ideas for Allie around this time of year (no surprise) so I like to talk about what she is doing so everyone can decide for themselves what they want to get for her. Of course, no gifts are ever required or expected!!

Allie is still the ever moving girl. She loves to dance and move and run and play. She loves music of all kinds. She is in a ballet class and loves to put on her tutus.  She loves things that make music or noise in general.  She also likes to be able to push a button or press a paw or a foot and get something to happen - something musical or talking.

She loves her dolls and can put them to bed like a professional!  I'm sure changing their clothes is right around the corner.

She is loving LeapFrog these days. We have 2 DVDs that she could watch continually - they are The Talking Words Factory and the Letter Factory. If there are more, I"m sure she'd love them. If there are flashcards or books with the Leap Frogs on them (Tad (her fave), Leap or Lilly) she would like that.

One of the things we are working on this year for her therapy include her attention span. It's really short right now. So, we are looking for a small desk that she can get in and out of easily so we can work on activities at a desk of her own.  We will be doing more coloring, playdough and things that use her small motor skill to build her strength and start getting her ready for writing and (yikes) kindergarden.  So, that leaves the want and need list wide open.

She is a computer/iPhone girl which is why we are looking at the LeapPad item. A big item, so our entire family is welcome to go in together. :-)

Another one of Allie's favorite things is the books I create for her - primarily through Shutterfly or Walgreens, so gift cards to those places are helpful. Stores we also love include: The Parent Teacher Store and two online stores we just found and  and of course, (still hooked on this more than anything - just ordered the new "Potty Time" to get ready for that adventure. Our favorite clothing stores are Gymboree and A Child's Place.

That's Allie in a nutshell.  She is very typically your sweet little girl. She is learning to pretend so much more than just a few months ago. She is very active and playful.  Thanks for thinking of her and asking about her!!

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